may describe most of man’s psychology. It is variably defined–usually by its symptoms–as Emotional adolescence, Lack of center or boundaries, Narcissism (anti Codependence), Attention seeking, Doormat, Subject/object relationships, Split personality or Bipolar disorder, BPD, OCD, Schizophrenia, Peter Pan, and many others. It is emotional infancy.

Codependency Overview

The Codependency model grew out of the 12-step movement, as a description of the process an alcoholic’s family goes through; the controlling, blaming, shaming, enabling, and other behaviors. Al-Anon is a collection of alcoholic’s codependents, in group therapy; and CoDA meetings are similar in that they are also 12-step oriented.

Many other Codependency therapies slowly grew from this as it became recognized that codependency was an extremely accurate model for describing most of man’s foibles, which generally have to do with ones personal interactions with others. However, the term has only recently–within the last 30 years or so–begun to enter the layman’s lexicon.

While it may have been difficult or even impossible to find a local CoDA meeting 30 years ago, there are now many different modes of therapy, for just about any specific group of people; nurses, gamblers, pastors, lesbians; but don’t narrow? You may choose forums, live chat, self-help, meetings, or inpatient care.

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